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HOURS (7:30-5:30)

INFANT HOURS (7:00-5:30)

(Drop off until 10:00; pick up 3:00-5:30. Half Day Options Available too)

We do childcare differently than most centers. Each of our locations are centered on one age group for an exceptional developmentally appropriate experience. Toys, playground equipment, learning tools and staff training are focused on the age-specific needs of each classroom. 


This is a fundamental part of the respect we show to all children. We view children as capable humans who need guidance in order to develop their own identities, critical thinking skills, and compassion for others.  This carries through to the way we look at each child as a person with their own needs, interests, and personalities.


Having well-qualified teachers and staff is essential to this process. While we value teacher education levels, when we make hiring decisions they are based on a teacher’s passion for children, compassion for families, and high-quality experiences in the field.

Infant/Toddler Alliance Program

Starting in the fall of 2019 we began working with the Poudre School District to provide care for infants starting as young as 6 weeks. The program is limited to 10 infants and 10 toddlers.  As with all our programs, this center is stocked with a variety of materials and furniture to meet their needs.

We focus on being a part of the child’s caregiving team by partnering with families in decisions and developmental planning.  This quiet and secure environment fluctuates routines based on the individual needs of children. --> MORE INFORMATION

Toddler Program - Yellow School

In 1994 we started our second location and added a Toddler program in our original location.  It didn’t take us long to see the advantages of having a separate space just for these younger children.  This center is small and home-like and offers a cozy, nurturing feel for many young childrens’ first experiences outside of the home.


A child’s brain grows more during this stage of their development than at any other age. We nurture this growth best by presenting strong, consistent, caring relationships between children and teachers.

It takes special people to provide the quality of care for children at this age – and we know that and hire only the very best. We invite you to take a tour to get a real feel for how our program is different from all the rest. --> MORE INFORMATION

Preschool Program - Blue School

Since our initial establishment in 1978, the goal for our preschool program has been to use this time to build the fundamentals for a successful life. That means giving them the skills to handle social and emotional aspects of growing up along with the basic building blocks of education. We know the best way to do this is to make learning fun and by encouraging children’s strengths.


We want to inspire children to be the best whole-person they can be by inspiring them to know about themselves and to care about each other. When they enter kindergarten they will have the academic skills and positive self-image to succeed. --> MORE INFORMATION

Before & After School - FunZone

During the school year we provide transportation to and from select Fort Collins schools. At the end of their school day, our experienced staff make sure to keep kids active and engaged with classes, field trips, games, and challenges. --> MORE INFORMATION

Summer Camps


5&6 year olds - KinderCamp is for kiddos going into or out of Kindergarten. We go on field trips from about 9 am to 3 pm EVERY day with time in parks, swimming, and exploring all our community has to offer!


7 – 10 year olds - FunCamp is so active we start and end the day at a park and from 9 to 4 we are constantly on the go. Children go on treasure hunts, play laser tag, swim, and participate in community service days. Check out the schedule to see everything we do!




To schedule a tour, please call us at 970-482-1212, or reach out by email to

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