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Blue School Preschool Program


We are an all-day preschool program with learning and fun always happening within our walls.  We provide a home-like environment for children to learn and grow on their journey toward kindergarten.  Children leave our program excited to learn and confident about their place in the world.


Group time is a time for discussions, stories, language arts, and learning games. Morning snack and lunch are included as a nutritional and social part of our program.


Activity time is a time for teacher-directed experiences (such as creative art, craft art, baking, science, math projects, group games, etc.) and child-directed activities (such as blocks, dramatic play, workbench, art easel, climber, cognitive learning games, etc.) This “freedom of choice” time allows children to choose friends and activities they enjoy and need; they learn to socialize, explore, and create in a child-oriented environment.


Enrichment-time has developed over many years to be a fun and educational experience for children and staff. We have teachers come in for a variety of teaching topics, usually a creative movement or dance teacher, a nutrition and exercise teacher and a Spanish or Sign Language teacher.  These activities give children additional time in very specific learning, but also give children an experience with different teachers and learning styles.  Our teachers remain with the children, as well.


We continue our learning outside of the classroom often.  We are outside in our park-like playground at least twice a day.  We are sure children get a chance to spend time in nature and to get in time to move, move, move!  In addition to using our playgrounds, we go on neighborhood walks and take advantage of our downtown community.  Each class takes field trips twice per month.  One trip is to the library and the other is to a community location such as the grocery store or the discovery science museum.

To schedule a tour, please call us at
970-482-1212, or reach out by email to

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