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Locations & Contacts


Blue School - Preschool & Administration

209 E. Plum Street, Fort Collins CO 80524

(970) 482-1212

Provider #1615625

Site Director: Liz Hahn

Yellow School - Toddler Center

405 Mathews Street, Fort Collins CO 80524

(970) 482-6264

Provider #1615617

Site Director: Kristi Clark

Alliance Program - Infant & Toddler Program @ PGA

703 E. Prospect Rd, Fort Collins CO 80525

(970) 430-7322

Provider #1732908

Site Director: Bri Brooks

FunZone and Summer Camps

Before and After School, School Out Days, & Summer Day Camps

(970) 310-9237

Provider #1615621

Program Director: Megan Fortune

Owners & Executives


AJ and Jordie Griffith -

The original owners were Janice and Dennis Griffith and operated YPLC since 1978. Now their son and his wife are carrying the torch to continue the community focused child care. Both AJ and Jordie come from education backgrounds and taught in the public school system for many years, both worked at a middle school. AJ taught Social Studies and Jordie taught Special Education. They come to YPLC with a passion for taking care of their staff, the children, and the families as a whole. 


Corinne Stevenson -

After working in Young Peoples classrooms for 4 years and as an Assistant Director for 3 years, Corinne left YPLC for a bit to work at Clayton Early Learning Center in Denver.  She has returned with a broader sense of family and program needs but with a foundation in the philosophy of Young Peoples that make her an ideal leader for our schools.


We are always accepting applications for qualified, passionate, teachers and volunteers.  Fill out an application by clicking here.

We are always accepting donations of children's clothing, toys and books.  If we can't use them in the classroom immediately and don't know a family in need, we will save them for our annual garage sale where the proceeds go toward teacher bonuses.  Drop us an email at to coordinate drop off of items.

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Young Peoples Learning Center was named after its philosophy was developed.  “Young Peoples” was chosen to accentuate equality between children and adults.  The rights and desires of adults are comparable to those of children; the right to be respected, the right to express feelings and opinions, the right to be heard and responded to, the right to independence, the right to choose, and the right to be seen as an individual.  


“Learning Center” was chosen because your child will learn and grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually through the many activities and situations presented to him/her – dramatic play, books, manipulative toys, block play, cognitive learning games, large muscle exercise, creative art, craft projects, puppets, science experiments, field trips, group time discussions, baking projects, social interactions, eating experiences, etc.  These various experiences will enable your child to become an independent and positive person ready to succeed in the lifelong learning process.

Click here for a more in-depth look at our coure values, mission, vision, and building blocks to find out how we accomplish these goals or explore specific program pages for handbooks and more information.

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