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Places to call and get evaluations or services:




Developmental Concerns - Motor skills, language acquisition, problem-solving, etc. (No or minor social-emotional concerns)

Contact the school district:

Public preschool (4 part-time days)

Developmental screening

Evaluations for special education services - including behavioral support.

The child needs to be 3

Delays need to be educationally relevant

The district is the best place to get services that are FREE.

Referral to services process can be 3 months or longer

--> Poudre School District


--> Thompson School District


--> Estes Park R3

970-568-7406 ext. 3608

Concerns about delays and progress

Contact Foothills Gateway

Early Intervention - Family support

Children under 3 years

Almost always free services

Program overview for parents


Referrals: Kelly Sokol



Primarily Social-Emotional  Concerns 

(developmental concerns might also be present)

Contact CAYAC - Child, Adolescent, & Young Adult Connections)

Assessment and mental health referrals

Care Coordination

Family support

Psychological evaluation and testing

Larimer County residents only

Calls returned within 48 hours

Free or low cost



1302 S. Shields A1-3, Fort Collins

Mon - Fri 8 - 5

Significant Social-Emotional Concerns 

(not developmental)

Contact Summit Stone Health Partners

Mental health treatment including psychiatric evaluation

Early childhood mental health consultations

Long term treatment

Services for all ages

Medicaid & insurance accepted


Braindrops Play Therapy




Parents who need short term care for children with developmental disabilities

Contact Respite Care

Child care

Overnight care

Crisis care

Children need to have pretty severe delays or disabilities to enroll, usually.

1:3 ratios


Speech Concerns

Children’s Speech and Reading Center


1330 Oakridge Dr #10, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Aspen Speech Therapy


1136 E Stuart #3120, Fort Collins, CO 80525


Motor Skills Development (OT Services)

(Lacking skills here can lead to behavioral concerns)


Kids Brain Tree - Maxine Haller

3932 John F Kennedy Parkway, Suite 10-F, Fort Collins CO 80525


Home Electronics

Blogs and Social Media


Teacher Tom - Teaching and learning FROM children. Inspiration about the importance of play

Janet Lansbury - Infant education - Discipline, play, crying and tantrums, social skills, language development and communication.

Amanda Fewell - Parent of foster/adoptive child and a child who has suffered trauma 


Mary Dravis-Parrish - Be You Parenting - Parents who need to hear some emphasis on laughter and positivity

Digital social media





Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline

Dr. Becky BaileyParents needing long term answers or general parenting advice 

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

Joann Faber and Julie King

Parents needing immediate answers to general discipline OR for answers about extreme behaviors at home

How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

Paul Tough

Parents wanting to know about character development for older children

The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups

Erika Christakis


The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: raising Children with Courage, Compassion, and Connection

Brene Brown

The Book of Joy

Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams

Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children

Po Bronson, Ashley Merryman


The Toddler Brain: Nurture the Skills Today that will Shape Your Child’s Tomorrow

Lara Jana

Preschool and younger tips on appropriate development

Books to read to children:

D is for Divorce

How to Zap a Bully

Pile Of Books





Early Childhood Council of Larimer County


Zero to Three

Pryamid Implementation for Families


Parenting and Development Tips and Info


Free resources from Consious Discipline

Website Mockup



Places to call to take a class or join a group or class





Divorced parents and other at-risk families

Contact Lutheran Family Services

Parenting classes: Divorced parents, parents of teens, anger management, discipline

Visitation and exchanges

Home visitation around safety issues

Faith-based services, but with missions to serve outside of the faith, many programs are curriculums set by non-faith programs


2032 Lowe Street, Suite 200, Fort Collins

Children struggling with educational goals (older) and parents struggling to stay positive

Contact Be You Parenting

Empowered parent groups

Online courses


Particularly good for parents and kids who struggle with issues of perfectionism



Resources for Parents

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